The Trust regularly receives unsolicited feedback on the transformation taking place throughout the Marlborough Sounds as a result of the wilding pine programme.

“The Trust's programme for removing wilding pines from the Marlborough Sounds has been exceptional. The people who carry out the physical side of this weed control are true environmental foot soldiers, tackling steep hillsides and other unforgiving terrain. It is a constant fight to get rid of thick regenerating pines in rugged terrain. Thanks to the enthusiasm of people who appreciate the beauty of our native bush and natural landscapes, we can see the victorious results of their hard work – dead wilding pines that will soon fall to the ground and harbour fauna of all kinds.” – Colin King, former MP for Marlborough

 “We applaud what you are doing in the Sounds.” – landowner

“I agree wholeheartedly with the programme and congratulate you on the initiative.” – landowner

"I have recently spent a few days in the Marlborough Sounds & am absolutely astounded at the immense progress your team has made with the control of the wilding pines since I was last there maybe four years ago. I have been aware that the pine issue in the Sounds was being tackled & have been observing for some time. The results & over such a vast area are amazing & it appears that in such a relatively short time you have managed to get on top of this real problem. Please pass on my congratulations to your whole team." - Sounds visitor

“I saw your amazing work from the ferry. Congratulations and shout yourself a few Garage Project pale ale.” - social media user

"Thanks for helping, hopefully someone else doing the backbreaking work of destroying these weeds will help prevent my father from having an aneurysm." - landowner

“I have been greatly impressed by the work of the Trust.  This is further reinforced every time I fly from Nelson to Wellington and get an aerial overview of the extent of your work. Thank you for the contribution you are making to conservation in one of the important 'tourism gateways' within New Zealand.” –Neil Clifton, former Nelson/Marlborough Conservator, Department of Conservation

“I am so impressed with the success of this initiative…. Your project is really inspiring. Thanks for the good work.” – landowner

 “Great news on the funding for the pines… You have been doing such a wonderful job. We check out how many more are dying every time we come down…It amazes us just how you get to some of them!” – landowner

“Biked the Queen Charlotte Walkway over the weekend and was hugely impressed by the progress the Trust has made over a relatively short amount of years! No matter where I looked there seemed to be vistas of dead pine trees! It just shows you that in even what seemed a daunting task so much can be achieved by strength of numbers and a strategic approach to attacking the problem. Well done and best wishes.” – Queen Charlotte Track user

“Thank you very much for the excellent work you have been doing with this project.” – landowner

“The Marlborough Landscape Group has been watching with interest and admiration as more wilding pines die off in the Marlborough Sounds thanks to the Restoration Trust … We would like to congratulate the Trust for your success in fundraising and bringing together groups of residents and supporters to help restore native ecosystems in the Marlborough Sounds. Thank you for your efforts and success in looking after this special part of Marlborough” – Peter Jerram, Chair, Marlborough Landscape Group

 “We had the pleasure of seeing the work being undertaken by the Marlborough Sounds Restoration Trust in December, and were impressed by what has been achieved so far. We are also aware that the future task is huge, and it is good to see that the trust has funding strategies in place to tackle this task. We would like to make a small donation in support of the Trust.” - landowner

“Thank you, very interesting to see where the boys have been. Won’t it be great to see the difference in a couple of years with all the pines gone! ... Thanks for all your work on the pine eradication; it is great to see the results all around the Queen Charlotte.” – landowner

"What a buzz to see the yellowing pines all over the slopes..! I’ve been worried about those damn invaders for over 30 years. So please take a bow. I’ll raise a glass to you and your team more than once in the coming weeks with family and friends." - D'Urville Island landowner

“Fantastic, we always point out the wonderful dead trees to visitors when sailing.” - social media user

“Thanks for the wonderful results you have achieved to date” – landowner

“I have been amazed and very impressed how the Trust has cleared the Sounds of the pines in places where I find it difficult to understand how you have been able to find and destroy, an amazing piece of work.” – landowner

“I watch with interest the wonderful work you are doing controlling the pine trees. …Many thanks for all your work to date.” – Picton resident

“Happy New Year and what a wonderful surprise for us to see so many trees browned out!! An awesome achievement by your team. Well done!!” – Arapawa Island landowner

"I live in Australia, and returned to D'Urville Island after an absence of 6 years.  I was thrilled to see the pine trees were being dealt with.  I had thought they would take over this piece of paradise. Thank you so much for all the good work." - D'Urville Island landowner

"Thank you again for your energies to this project (on behalf of all Sounds visitors)” - landowner

"The founders of the MSRT had what was probably thought to be by many people an impossible dream. Their ability to achieve this dream stemmed primarily through systematic planning and tenacious implementation and is an example of  how to achieve an otherwise daunting task." - Judges' feedback, 2013 Marlborough Environment Awards

"On my recent trip to our family property in Resolution Bay, I have been utterly delighted and in fact very excited to see that someone has killed many of the pine trees on the DOC land surrounding our place. I want to thank whoever is responsible. Is there a fund I could make a small contribution to that would help keep this program going? We have always feared that the stunning native forest would end up as a huge pine plantation. It's amazing to see evidence that there is a way out." - landowner

"On behalf of the committee I write to express our sincere thanks for this work. As you know we have an enthusiastic team of pest removal volunteers working for us, butpine removal is a bit more difficult, and we really appreciate the professional, prompt and fantastic service you provide, right across the Sounds. We can only thank you, and wish you well in your great work." - Barry Maister, Chairman. Kaipupu Point Wildlife Sanctuary

"We have a bach in Ruakaka Bay. Poisoning the wilding pines has been a fantastic thing for the Queen Charlotte Sound. Well done to the trust. Thank you to all concerned. You've backed your vision with real work and it's made a real difference." - landowner

“What an incredible job you have been doing!! Thank you soooo much!!! - social media user